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conNEXUS global is an innovative consultancy organisation working in the Australian and global agricultural markets. Our experience and knowledge creates value and delivers real solutions to real challenges providing real outcomes.


conNEXUS global has established strong international networks and developed solid long term relationships with influencers in both the demand and supply sides of the market. With conNEXUS global at the hub of these network’s and by utilising its innovative engagement model its clients are able to source, market and supply products that provide solutions and add value to supply partners and end users.

Proudly Australian conNEXUS global is active in markets around the globe.  Some of these are: 

Australia | South East Asia | USA | Mexico | South America


Is the foundation of conNEXUS global.  Our ability to talk with and move easily between various levels of Agriculture; farmers and grower; researchers and scientists, advisors and senior executives builds trust and credibility.  This trust ensures we are highly respected and leads to long term connections; the foundation of our business.  Relationships!


Education is a core philosophy of conNEXUS global. We tailor training packages developed to enhance knowledge and performance.


Real Time Crop N Management

Nitrogen management in-crop has always been a challenge. Use of yield data, and protein loggers aren’t helping with the step jump needed to improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Nitrogen does not behave the same way each year, being dynamic and changing rapidly, a new method was needed.

Feature Story - Chestnuts

Chestnut production includes all the vagaries of any other crop. Seeking a higher yield to improve profitability while managing expenses.

Soil and crop performance depends on the availability of nutrients at different rates at different stages of crop growth.

In the case of this chestnut grower, ‘good’ soil test and plant tissue numbers for potassium, were still showing up as deficiencies in the leaf

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SHEDTALK is a short, single topic, training program presented in an informative and challenging manner. Most suited to a group of growers and agronomists, wanting to test ideas, consider options and improve skills.

conNEXUS global’s success can be measured by the extent to which it has been able to strike a chord at a strategic level and connect its clients with the best long term partners in a short period of time.

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