Soil, Plant and Other Analysis

conNEXUS global is an agent for several labs that we use for our analysis services. These range from the standard soil tests through to  plant tissue, soil molecular analysis, including soil microbiology and plant pathogen.

Our analytical services provide information that supports change, validates constraints and supports our clients to;

Create healthy productive soils   |   Reduce risk associated with disease and pests   |    Drive profitability and whole-farm success

Always, analysis only informs interpretation and recommendation.


  • Standard nutrition analysis
  • Haney Soil Health Tool
  • Saturated Paste
  • Nitrogen Wise
  • Phosphorus Wise

 Leaf and Pant Tissue

  • Leaf analysis in crop
  • Harvest crop analysis

 Compost and Manures

  • Maturity, nutrient, pathogen


Soil Health

  • Carbon Wise
  • Microbe Wise
  • Nematodes
  • Aggregation
  • Solvita
  • PLFA
  • Enzymes
  • Microbiology
  • Major groups of microorganisms in soil, their interrelationships, and their responses to environmental variables.


  • DNA analysis using PreDicta B, PreDicta Pt, and PreDicta Research
  • ELISA method


  • A2LA USGA sand

 Fertiliser analysis

 Irrigation Water

 Lime and Gypsum

 Feed Testing

conNEXUS global’s success can be measured by the extent to which it has been able to strike a chord at a strategic level and connect its clients with the best long term partners in a short period of time.

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