Soil & Plant Health

Advisory and Technical Agronomy Services

Soil and plant health is a result of a functioning soil and plant system. This is not a simple exercise to understand, however, practically on farm, we can look at several aspects of the agronomic operation to learn where constraints may exist. We offer a very broad range of analysis, from soil and plant nutrients, to sophisticated DNA and other molecular methods to ensure accurate identification, then making sound interpretation and recommendations.

Advisory and Technical Agronomy Services

conNEXUS global provide four types of service, including analysis, change and improvement planning. These Services can be delivered with a focus on biological systems, IPM or conventional production system.

Troubleshooter – Fault Finder

We rarely get a call to look at a good crop, and get many “will you be nearby, I don’t think this is quite right”. Troubleshooter Service provides growers with an immersion into the issue, as we work together with initial on-farm assessment and, as we agree on a course of actions, costs and outcome targets. Troubleshooter may be a project flat fee or hourly rate.

Foundation – Recommendations and Program
Foundation Service provides a Soil Health and Nutrition Management Plan based on crop phenology for the specific crop. This includes sampling at specific growth stages to continuously improve the Soil Health and Nutrition Management program for that grower. Usually this will be a two year service, and the grower then continues on their own.
Additional fees apply for telephone, email and travel.

Transition To Soil Health
In partnership with Microbiology Laboratory Australia, conNEXUS global have developed a workshop and analysis service for growers to learn and assess soil health and the impact of management practices. Suited to Landcare and grower groups, we provide half-day workshops explaining in detail the interrelationship of soil chemistry, biology and physicals, soil functions and properties, analysis, and recommendations for improving management. We provide a detailed workshop manual for participants.

Advisory Service
Advisory Service is our full service program including monthly visits, and full access telephone and email. This program includes the Foundation Service of Soil Health and Nutrition Management based on Crop phenology

Crop Programs – Broadacre, Hort, Vege, Pasture, Fruit and Nut, Vineyard, Turf, Flowers

Conventional  |  Regenerative  |  Organic  |  Biodynamic

conNEXUS global’s success can be measured by the extent to which it has been able to strike a chord at a strategic level and connect its clients with the best long term partners in a short period of time.

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