Speaking Engagements

Our vast experience often sees us called upon to provide talks to groups on specific topics. We provide detailed and topic presentations, questioning how we got to the current state, and way to create a new future.


Central Victoria – pasture and broadacre crop

  • Biodynamic production system
  • Soil nutrition
  • Soil health and microbiology

Goulburn Valley – fodder production

  • Soil Health assessment using modern microbiology analysis
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan
  • Soil Nutrition and Soil Health Plan
  • Farm management options, rotations and livestock
  • Nitrogen assessment and management

Goulburn Valley – row crop vegetables

  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan
  • Nutrition and Soil Health Plan
  • Nutrient selection and forms
  • Irrigation system improvement for nutrient delivery

NE Victoria – tree nuts

  • Soil nutrition, pathogen, and microbiology
  • Soil compaction and management strategy
  • Nutrients – selection and forms
  • Pathology – phytophthora
  • Irrigation management and upgrade
  • IPM strategy
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan

CMA – projects

  • Erosion and soil acidity assessment and management
  • On ground learning and workshops with growers
  • Sustainable soil management- constraints and management options

Goulburn Valley – pome fruit

  • Irrigation management and use of Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Nutrients – soil and plant tissue
  • Crop modelling using fruit analysis to determine crop needs related to yield
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan

 SA Riverland – stone fruit

  • Nematodes assessment
  • Fruit tree disease assessment
  • Nutrient management in alkaline soils
  • Develop change plan to biological soil and crop management
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan

Melbourne – Turfgrass

  • Soil borne Disease management
  • Soil and plant nutrition
  • Turf presentation and
  • Thatch management planning
  • Staff development

 Pyrenees – Wine grapes

  • Salinity of irrigation water assessment and management
  • Soil nutrients with focus on salinity
  • Crop production
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan

 NW Victoria Mallee – stone fruit and row crop vegetables

  • Compost production
  • Conversion to organic management
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan

Yarra Valley – Gladioli flower production

  • Yield and quality assessment of constraints
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan

Great Southern WA – Pasture, fruit, wine grapes ( Landcare Program )

  • Soil health analysis and presentations from soil nutrient and biological analysis

Mudgee NSW – Hazelnut

  • Production and yield constraints
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan

 Corangamite  – blue gum and pine production

  • Under tree grazing and pasture establishment
  • Soil health
  • Biochar production, biology and use, and assessment

Mallee – Broadacre crop and sheep

  • Crop Nutrition
  • Cover cropping for soil health and livestock forage

Wimmera – Broadacre

  • Soil nitrogen cycle in long-term no-till production
  • Crop Nutrition and Soil Health Plan
  • Satellite imaging for in crop Nitrogen prescriptions

SA Mallee – Onions

  • Fusarium disease control
  • Irrigation water and management

SA – Lettuce

  • Sclerotinia and soil borne diseases
  • Biological control and disease management

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