Real time crop management

Nitrogen management in-crop has always been a challenge. Use of yield data, and protein loggers aren’t helping with the step jump needed to improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Nitrogen does not behave the same way each year, being dynamic and changing rapidly, a new method was needed.

VariMax utilises satellite imagery to measure the nitrogen status in the plant, and correlate to growth stage and crop yield capacity. Utilising that imagery and the web based platform, growers can update current information regarding N use and crop growth stage, resulting in a Variable Rate map produced in both digital form to be uploaded directly to the tractor, and a paper version to record and review.

VariMax was developed during the PhD of Ray Asebedo, and under the guidance of Professor David Mengel, at Kansas State University, USA, and is now licensed for commercial service internationally. 

Since 2017, conNEXUS global Pty Ltd, Australia’s sole provider of this unique and accurate technology, has being providing VariMax Variable rate prescriptions into cereal winter crops and summer crops of corn and sorghum.

VariMax is a technology driven organization focused on providing innovative solutions that enable our partner producers to optimize performance and yield in their operation. From the Great Plains of the America to the broad acres of Australia, producers throughout the world count on VariMax Systems like VM-Corn, VM-Wheat and VM-Sorghum to accurately answer all of the questions on rate and application timing of their fertility program.

Utilizing one of the VariMax Systems takes the guesswork out of a fertility program. For the first time, producers have all the information you need to apply the exact amount at the most opportune time to deliver a bumper yielding crops.

Don’t keep guessing from historical data. Partner with VariMax and put your “N” where it counts.

conNEXUS global’s success can be measured by the extent to which it has been able to strike a chord at a strategic level and connect its clients with the best long term partners in a short period of time.

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